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Metaphors of Movement

by soni weiss on 04/29/12

I just got back from a four day seminar in Boulder, Co. devoted to a technique for change work called the Metaphor of Movement taught by Andrew Austin of the UK.

Metaphors have been around forever.  Our dreams are metaphors and we use them in our daily conversation without even thinking about them.  It’s an effective way of conveying a thought, a word picture while conserving words. Some of us even entertain ourselves in the morning by analyzing our dreams for their inner meaning….and sometimes that activity gives us insight into what is going on in our lives but so what?  You have the information but now what do you do with it? As I keep saying (and others before me) knowledge is not power…the application of knowledge is power. What Austin has done is give us a method to apply the knowledge; the greater awareness of our situation which we obtain by working within our own personal metaphors.  This new found outlook then gives us a larger view of our condition or situation, and with this clearer perception we can now see we have more choices in life and it’s the choices we make that either leads to or away from where we want to be.  He has done great work here.

Not sure this is the way he would describe it, but this is the way I see it  and having applied the method I have found it to be personally and professionally exceptionally useful….and bottom line….it really works and easily at that.   If you want his perception of it and more detailed information go his website

Let me give you an example of what I am talking about….this is so much fun and can give you  real insight about yourself.   O.K…here is a metaphor that is quite common to us all….”it is like walking on egg shells”.   Ask yourself how you would do this….really how do you do this?.  I want you to imagine that there are egg shells on the floor and you have to walk through them.  How would you go about that?   Just stand up now and look down at our feet , see egg shells on the floor in great detail and then take a step into them and notice how you do that;  and how you walk through them.  Do you take big steps, little steps, go straight through them, edge around them, and what do they feel like, and what is the rest of your body doing?    What happens to your hands and your shoulders and how do you feel inside your body while becoming aware of all of those aspects.  Everyone is different; there is no right or wrong way.

This was the first exercise we did in class and after doing it I watched how some of the other participants interacted with each other and if there was any correlation as to how they interacted and what their metaphor was like.    So go ahead and ask yourself, does how I just did this exercise correlate to how I react in some situations.   And you might get some real illuminating insights, or you may not…. Anyone who knows me well will get a clear picture of how I did it without asking me…LOL..

What you just obtained was insight or knowledge, but it ends there. Using Austins method you will learn what to do with this information and change behavior that may not be getting you where you want to go. 

In my case I had no particular discomfort with walking on egg shells, because I saw the egg shells as already broken, the damage already done.  No one said I broken them if you notice…just that there were broken egg shells and I had to walk through them….now some people felt they had to take their shoes off, I did not! One member of my group said, well you didn’t take your protective covering off and I said, “you betcha… why would I want to do that ?” I saw no good reason to walk through a slippery surface where I might fall because someone said take your shoes off when I had shoes that would keep me from slipping.  Actually, I didn’t recall him saying to take my shoes off, just to walk through them, so for the benefit of the exercise I thought about it both ways and found little to no difference.     And that is how I see those situations often in real life.   I didn’t break the eggs in real life, it’s not my problem, so why should I expose myself to pain and discomfort because someone, something broke the eggs.  Now I may have to clean up the mess, true, but don’t expect me to cut myself up doing it.   Then we discussed more of what the metaphor meant to us and how there was a difference in life when say you know someone has a really painful situation going on, one that is not their making, say a loss in their life, or an illness.   Hopefully you have empathy and are more aware of the way you interact with them so you don’t unintentionally add more to their burden.  It seems that when the other(s) involved are using the situation to manipulate and control, that is when one has to walk on egg shells or there will be some painful consequences.   It has been my experience, over the years, that people who are in true grief; the terminally ill, or the chronically ill, or a divorce say, want more open and honest communication.  They don’t want you walk on egg shells, just to be aware of their situation and we call this empathy.   Sure there are some that may choose denial, but denial is not necessarily manipulating the situation, its hiding but not manipulating others.  It won’t make much difference because they simply don’t hear it anyway or see it, even when it’s directly put before them   But then that just my experience and your may be different.  

This is the beauty of this modality, this method, which heightens our awareness as we investigate our metaphors. As delve into our unconscious (which speaks to us in metaphors) we get back in touch with those feelings and pictures we have stuffed into the closet and closed the door on that never seems to stay closed.  This is not about ruminating over old memories of events and staying stuck in the past.   Metaphors of Movement put you back in control of your life by heightening your awareness and allowing you to see that there is more than one option available to you.  That we can grow up and out of situations; that we are not stuck, that we can find a way around the barriers and restraints that keep us from getting to where we want to be.

And, needless to say, if you would like to open up your vistas and get out of that hole you keeping falling into and learn to avoid it all together I would be more than pleased to guide you through the process, just ring me up. 

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