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Feel Like You Are Just Hanging On ? 

​What would it feel like to have peace of mind?
Stress can show up in our lives in many ways. Sleeping disorders, chronic fatigue, emotional outbursts, chronic pain, relationship problems.

Our holistic approach to stress management can help change this. We are offering group workshops and teleconference support for dealing with overwhelming feelings and emotions.  

For those that wish I offer my psychic healing work in these areas.  

Still Fighting The Burning Desire To Smoke?

Tired of having to sneak out for a smoke, standing alone in the cold on the deck; that bad taste in your mouth with your clothes smelling of smoke? 

A wise man knows his limitations, so why struggle by yourself?

Get proven results with no adverse side effects.

Eating Everything in Sight!  Know Dieting Doesn't Work.
 If it did, you would not be reading this. Change the way you think about food, and that will change the way you look and feel. 

Your custom tailored program is just a phone call away.         

Feeling  Isolated ? The Only Color You See Is Blue?

By changing the way we see things 
we can change the way we feel.
You don't have to go it alone. 

Call now and we can start brightening your future, 

Does the idea of walking into a room of strange faces make you feel uneasy?

Do you want to feel at ease wherever you are? 
Want to be able to speak before a crowd?

Together we can build that self-confidence and self-esteem you have always wanted and deserved with a simple custom-tailored program which will give you the confidence to move into the life you always wanted to live. 
Soni Weiss, Ph.D,  CH
Transpersonal Counselor, Past Life Regressionist
Clinical Hynotherapist
Feeling Out Of Sorts?   A Bit Aggressive?

Don't let uncontrolled or uncomfortable emotions stand in the way of enjoying your life and reaching your fullest potential.   
No one has to live with unwanted anxiety,anger or fear.  
They are learned responses and what you've learned can be unlearn.

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Soni Weiss, Ph.D., CH
Transpersonal Counselor, Past Life Regressionist, Clinical Hypnotist
More About The Services We Provide
Transitional Counseling is a combination of services I provide
to those who wish to prepare for their leaving this dimension 
and need someone who they can talk to about their wishes,
 fears, and wants, from a spiritual aspect as well as the

 Having been a long term care Ombudsman for the state of
 N.C. I bring a lot of practical knowledge to the table regarding 
 aging issues, along with being an ordained minister, a medical professional, and a behavioral counselor, I know how things work and how to get things done. I have years of experience being an advocate and dealing with terminally ill and dying patients as a respiratory therapist and know how difficult it can be for some to come to terms with the inevitable. 

 Sometimes people are unable to talk to their family members about their dying, they don't want to hear about it, it scares them; some people have no family period or no one to help them navigate the paperwork involved in closing down shop so to speak. Sometimes family is very far away and can't be there to help, and they need a voice and a set of hands who knows how to navigate "the system" and get things done. 

 Whether it is something as simple as helping you with obtaining a medical power of attorney or talking to your doctors or preparing funeral plans or just talking about what to expect and learning how to release your fear and pain, I can help with it all.


Therapeutic Past Life Regression 

Therapeutic Past Life Regression work embraces the concept that
 if we don't learn from  the past, we will continue to make the same 
mistakes in the future. 

We come into this dimension to learn and expand our consciousness 
through hands-on experience. There is so much to experience, and the physical body has a time limitation,  so we need more than one lifetime. 

The purpose of accessing a past life is to gain wisdom and understanding which then
you can apply to unresolved issues in your current life. Find the patterns. What was
the purpose of that life? What was your goal upon entering this present life, and are you fulfilling that purpose?
The Golden Lighthouse Metaphysical Center
Transpersonal counseling is the way I provide  all the services listed below, using many traditional tools like hypnosis, NLP, EFT,  EMD etc. with a spiritual overview.    I believe we are spirit in a physical body, not a body with a spirit.